At the Australian Institue of Private Practice we provide a refreshingly new and innovative approach to mental health services. While providing safe, respectful and insightful help, our aim of moving you through your issues to a place of financial success and happiness is at the core of our practice..

We use a hands on approach for solving problems and do not sell text book solutions.
We truly believe everyone deserves a happy and fullfiling life. Located on the northern beaches our team are amongst the most sort after and brightest minds in the industry.

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We believe that most people never realize their full
potential in private practice. With so many moving parts
you literally need 5 uni-degrees to
run an affective practice.


Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud

 Albert Ellis

Albert Ellis

Irvin Yallom

Irvin Yallom

The Late Proffessor Beaumont

The Late Proffessor Beaumont

June Lake

June Lake

Amber Mordaunt

Amber Mordaunt



B.A Psycholgy, Grad Dip Science (Psychology)Amber Mordaunt Psychology

Is a registered Psychologist with over 15 years experience in psychology and is one of the most saught after psychologists in Australia, having supported countless clients towards recovery and healing. Amber bridges the gap between text book psychology and down to earth therapy.

Amber has worked in hospitals, non-government organisations, treatment centres ,private practice and has lectured and taught at the Jansen and Newman Counselling and Psychotherapy Institute. She is also a registered worker’s compensation psychologist.

Amber is trained in C.B.T, Interpersonal Psychotherapy ,D.B.T and mindfulness. She treats individuals, couples and families for a range of issues including: mood disorders (anxiety and depression), personality disorders, eating disorders, relationship issues, self esteem issues, process and substance abuse disorders, self harm and difficult cases.

What truely seperates Amber Mordaunt from the rest is her personable approach and personal experience with life challenges. Amber became interested in psychology after a family memeber became seriously drug addicted and her family went into crisis management.

With her drive to help others, then coupled with a true understanding of how a few bad years can dramaticaly ruin peoples lives, it became Amber’s mandate to support others towards health and healing. If you’ve ever tried counselling before and felt the service provider didn’t care, it is our pledge to you that we care.

Amber Mordaunt Psychology up 180% in revenue



Bachelor of Psychology, University of Sydney Masters of Applied Psychotherapy

The decision to change, to allow myself to believe someone could help me was life changing. My psychotherapy journey has been the most valuable and transforming experience for me. What I learnt has turned into my life work, I now support others to find their voice and create meaningful change in their life just as I did. I love what I do and I consider being let into my client’s world a profound privilege. I have a passion for helping people. I have helped countless people suffering from eating disorders or other addictions. I also work in several private organisations where I specialise in treating addictions and providing support for families of those in recovery.



  • We believe in the patient practitioner relationship
  • Our psychologists are the most highly trained in the industry
  • We do not employ anyone with less than 15 years experience
  • We make regular training mandatory for all staff
  • All cases are overseen by Amber


We want to help create a more just world for everyone, including giving every person an opportunity to realize their full potential. So we give back by helping children with no hope get an education and live in a safer environment.

We donate a significant percentage of our revenue to the Unstoppable Foundation, a non-profit humanitarian organization bringing sustainable education to children and communities in developing countries.

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