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    First, you must separate who you are from what you have done. In other words, not having achieved everything you wanted to by now does not change the fact that you are still the good-intentioned person who has a beautiful vision of what they really want. Secondly, sometimes hard work and goal achieving activities are not the only ingredients required to make the progress you have visualized. You can choose to keep your attitudes positive and work as productively as you know how. This will empower you to move forward regardless of the circumstances surrounding you. Finally, realize that there is a toxic element of resentment and doubt. This toxicity can invade your self-image if you haven’t made the progress that you’d expected by a certain point in time. It may not be the type of thing that throws a person into clinical depression, but it may creep into your belief about your worthiness to have the goal that you desire. It’s a rationalization; you think “maybe I didn’t achieve the goal because I’m not good enough, smart enough or fast enough, etc.” These are excuses, which cannot help in the advancement towards your goal.


    Stand in your customer’s shoes. Look beyond your core business and understand your customer’s full range of choices, as well as his or her ecosystem of suppliers, partners etc.--of which you may be part. This exercise will also deepen your understanding of competitors and help you better anticipate their moves. Learn together with customers. GE invited its top customers in China, along with local executives and account managers, to a seminar on leadership and innovation. Doing so not only helped GE executives better understand the mindset of Chinese counterparts; it also helped them to influence that mindset. Lean forward and anticipate. Focus on what customers will want tomorrow, as Steve Jobs and Richard Branson did so exquisitely. Try to envision different futures through tools like scenario planning and then explore how underlying market shifts may affect your customers.


    Managers understand intuitively that team familiarity—the amount of experience individuals have working with one another—can influence how a group performs. But over the past seven years we’ve examined teams in corporate, health care, military, and consulting settings to understand team familiarity and quantify its benefits, and we’ve found that it is a much more profound phenomenon than most managers believe. They could and should be leveraging it to a far greater extent, especially in an era when teams are constantly forming, disbanding, and regrouping. To do so they will need to overcome several barriers. Few organizations have integrated systems that track how frequently employees have worked together. Many managers put too much faith in shuffling rosters to prevent staleness and ensure fresh thinking. And realities such as cost pressures, developmental needs, travel limitations, and office politics often make familiarity hard to achieve. But organizations will benefit if leaders learn to surmount those barriers.

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